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Episode 0099 - “Accent Prone”

45 minutes | Thursday, May 11, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Sarah Roberto, who was last here a year ago to co-host episodes 0045 and 0046. Frank wants Sarah to know he cleans the bathroom before guest co-hosts come over. 
Sarah is a native East Tennessean. One of the places she would like to visit is Ireland. Frank suggests she go to Carlingford and see Kevin Woods, the Leprechaun Whisperer. 
Sarah is excited about the new Andy’s Frozen Custard coming to Kingston Pike in the former Arnwine’s Furniture location. Her husband, who is on the city council, was involved in approving the modified rezoning request for Andy’s. Frank is looking forward to the new Andy’s Frozen Custard coming to Cedar Bluff Road at Fox Lonas Road, across from All Saints Catholic Church. 
Talking about Andy’s reminds Frank that he needs to diet. He ordered a nutritional supplement from a YouTube ad. Sarah has successfully lost weight after gaining some during the lockdown. Several years ago Frank did commercials for a weight loss program and lost so much that people thought he had cancer. 
Frank mentions Sarah’s luxury car. She has some regrets about buying it. Frank’s first car was a decrepit Ford Maverick. Sarah’s first car was a Chrysler LeBaron convertible but the top didn’t go up or down. 
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Sarah asks about the Friends of Literacy fundraisers. Frank tells her about the bachelor auction and the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame gala. Several Front Page Follies alumni were in attendance. 
Frank’s friend Bean went to see Taylor Swift in concert, which made Sarah jealous. They are both amazed at how many Facebook friends went to Taylor’s concert in Nashville or Atlanta or both. 
Bean asked if Frank considered himself to be a Tennessean, a Californian, a Virginian, or a New Yorker. He plans to be buried in Tennessee. His accent proves that he’s “not from around here.” He is a native New Yorker but has now lived in Tennessee longer than any other place. 
Sarah suggests Frank should use Southern guilt to get his children and grandchildren to visit more often. His three-year old granddaughter says “show Pop-pop” when she wants Frank’s daughter to call him on FaceTime. 
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Episode 0099 - “Accent Prone”
Frank & Friends Show

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