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Episode 0100 - “Wholly Mackerel”

46 minutes | Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Sarah Roberto, who claims she will buy and wear a Frank & Friends Show bucket hat on a future episode. 
Viewer Rene says Frank should pre-pay for a cemetery plot and funeral services. Sarah wants to be cremated and put in a columbarium. 
Frank and his wife wanted to have chicken for dinner. He searched for chicken restaurants on Google Maps but all the results were for fried chicken. He tried searching for “pollo” instead and discovered Five Cousins Pollo a la Brasa on Merchant Drive. 
Sarah asks about the various social media that the Frank & Friends Show use. She likes TikTok and says Frank is the right age for Facebook. Frank tells her about the time he was asked for an autograph during a medical procedure and another time when he didn’t want to wake up. 
Sarah’s dog can make her emotional. She jokes that she would save the dog before saving her husband in a fire. Frank jokes about her first husband even though he tried not to do so. 
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Frank’s friend Bean suggested that he create a podcast called Frank & Figs. Sarah agrees that figs are a niche subject. Sarah has a brown thumb. Frank doesn’t enjoy gardening but has started thinking of it as analogous to going to the gym. Jere made a map of where Frank planted the cuttings he tried to root over the winter. 
When Sarah mentions frankfurters, Frank asks what type of hot dogs she likes. Frank is thinking of taking his grandson back to D & B Hotdogs this summer to get an Elvis Pocket for dessert. Sarah likes corn dogs from her time working for the Tennessee Valley Fair. 
Sarah says the news producers used to tell her that their TV reporters loved deep-fried fair food. In reality the reporter would spit out the food as soon as the camera was off. 
Frank’s chiropractor suggested that Frank try eating canned mackerel. Frank opened a 4.4 ounce can of mackerel and put it on top of a salad and found that he enjoyed it. Jere bought Frank a 15 ounce can of mackerel because it was the same price as the 4.4 ounce can. 
Frank recently saw a display of cupcakes on display. They had plastic 2023 decorations in the icing that reminded Frank of the cupcakes he saw there at New Year’s Eve. Jere said they were for graduation parties. 
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Episode 0100 - “Wholly Mackerel”
Frank & Friends Show

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