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Episode 0101 - “Barge and in Charge”

39 minutes | Friday, May 26, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Kathryn Frady of Marble City Opera. Kathryn posted on social media that she was going to start drinking coffee and Frank suggested some roasts but Kathryn changed her mind. 
Frank cut an orange lily to put in a vase for the show. The flowers remind him of his birthday because the lilies at his childhood home in New York would bloom in mid-June. In Tennessee, they bloom a month earlier. 
Kathryn has been in Baton Rouge, Huntsville, and Pittsburgh. The Opera America conference was in Pittsburgh this year. The opening reception was on a boat. Kathryn’s husband James had to wait in the standby line because he hadn’t pre-registered for the cruise on the app for the conference. 
For Marble City Opera’s next season, Kathryn is planning a production of Puccini’s Il Tabarro on a party barge on June 20, 2024; The Christmas Spider on January 6, 2024; and The Doctor and the Devils on June 6 and 8, 2024. A concert called Stalactites, Sopranos, & Stilettos at Cherokee Caverns will be on August 19, 2023. Season tickets are available at 
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Frank had trouble hearing his wife Jere in a noisy environment. However when she sings to him, he hears her loud and clear. While watching the recent coronation on TV, Jere sang along as the church choir sang “Zadok the Priest.” 
Jere received a gift of stainless steel chopsticks. The package is entirely written in Chinese. Frank used the Google Translate app on his phone to learn what it said. There was a warning to not put it in the “Huiboyi.” 
Frank was glad that a nonjudgmental plumber who unclogged his bathroom sink. Frank thinks that the glob of material that came out was congealed hair gel. 
Jere received two large coffee mugs that say Volvo. Frank wants to give them to his sister, who has two Volvo cars but doesn’t want to pay the postage to mail them to New York. Kathryn promises to give the mugs to Frank’s sister if he were to die and his sister were to attend the funeral. 
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Episode 0101 - “Barge and in Charge”
Frank & Friends Show

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