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Episode 0106 - “It’s Electric“

41 minutes | Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Becca James. Strong thunderstorms on August 7, 2023 knocked out the power at Becca’s house. At the time of this recording, she had been without electricity for over 17 hours and the utility company predicted that it would be another 13 hours before power is restored. 
Becca got a new smartwatch, which is waterproof. Frank asks if it makes a noise after being immersed in water like his daughter’s Apple watch does. Frank and Becca used to work for a company that asked them to wear Fitbits to lower their insurance premiums. Frank sprained his ankle while jogging in place in an effort to increase his step count. 
Becca was up early to buy ice to keep her perishable food cold while the power is out. Frank saw many photos on Facebook of huge trees that fell in several Knoxville neighborhoods. 
After the storm, Becca picked up her kids from daycare and brought them to the YMCA, which had power. Her husband picked up pizza for dinner and they finally used some of the camping supplies they’ve had for years. Frank was worried Becca would cancel today’s recording session but she was happy to come over and put on her makeup in Frank’s air-conditioned house. 
It was difficult for Becca’s kids to fall asleep without their customary white noise generator. Frank’s grandson Artie listens to thunderstorm noises to fall asleep. One night while Artie and Timmy were visiting, they listened to a real thunderstorm on the Amazon Echo instead. Artie uses the Echo to call his parents by telling the device their ten-digit phone numbers. 
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Frank hid his freeze-dried tortoise Mo while his grandchildren visited. Frank couldn’t find Mo this morning until he opened the container with the BoneZones merchandise. Becca had not heard the story of Mo’s preservation by Al Holmes Taxidermy. 
Frank put Mo next to a hydrangea flower that he picked this morning. His wife brought home some houseplants from her office for Frank to nurse back to life. 
Frank and Becca are both trying to lose a few pounds. Frank said it was especially difficult while his grandchildren visited. They are accustomed to eating “lunch dessert.” One day they made popsicles with orange soda. Another day they went to a hot dog restaurant that also serves Blue Bell ice cream. 
Adam Ragusea posted a recipe for making ice cream with dry ice. Frank called several businesses in search of dry ice. He told a regular ice company that he was a fan of their ice with a hole in the middle. The dry ice cream tasted like a soda float due to the carbonic acid from the dry ice. Frank used fig syrup to make some fig flavored ice cream. 
Frank and Jere made imitation orange chicken with dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. The sauce contains orange marmalade, barbeque sauce and soy sauce. 
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Episode 0106 - “It’s Electric“
Frank & Friends Show

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