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Episode 0107 - “Singin’ in the Cave”

41 minutes | Friday, August 18, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Kathryn Frady, who will be singing in Marble City Opera’s second annual Stalactites, Sopranos, & Stilettos concert on Saturday, August 19, 2023 at Historic Cherokee Caverns. Tickets are on sale at 
Frank mentions Dr. Randall Lange who writes children’s books featuring his dog Josh. The current Josh is number 4. Kathryn went to see a tiger named Mike VII at Louisiana State University. Frank is reminded of the live tigers used in a photo shoot with Mark & Brian for the cover of the Los Angeles Radio Guide. 
Frank received a postcard about the Opera America conference in Los Angeles in June, 2024. He also received a save-the-date postcard from the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge. The Frank & Friends Show logo is on the postcard because Frank will emcee their annual gala on November 17, 2023. 
The activities director of a retirement home left a message for Frank about an upcoming performance. She was actually trying to reach an elderly singer and his wife who also call themselves Frank & Friends. 
This episode is sponsored by (don’t forget the S). Buy books and other merchandise autographed by Body Farm founder Dr. Bill Bass at including Body Farm t-shirts. You can also get several of Sam Venable’s books, signed by the author and the new book by former UT counsel Ron Leadbetter. 
Kathryn and her husband went on vacation to Cancun. She was able to turn off her phones and read books on the beach. They saw sea turtles laying eggs on the beach. 
Kathryn stops at the Buc-ee’s in Leeds, Alabama when driving between Baton Rouge and Knoxville. Frank enjoyed the brisket and egg burrito at the Buc-ee’s in Sevierville. 
Kathryn likes the Dr Pepper Float ice cream from Blue Bell. Frank has deja vu because he also talked about the ice cream with Becca James. 
Frank’s wife Jere got a coupon for a free Starbucks Frappuccino because she is in the top 1% of Frappuccino customers. Jere’s sister has thousands of points on her Starbucks card. 
Kathryn likes the chicken strips at Chick-fil-A but usually has to wait for them to be cooked whereas the nuggets are cooked in advance. 
Frank and his wife made reservations at a fancy restaurant in downtown Knoxville. They had to put down a credit card number to make the reservation and they will be charged $25 a person if they don’t show up. 
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Episode 0107 - “Singin’ in the Cave”
Frank & Friends Show

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