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Episode 0109 - “Not a Morning Person”

44 minutes | Thursday, August 24, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Becca James, who gets up early because of her kids. Frank fell back asleep and has been awake less than an hour. It used to take Frank at least an hour to go from “the floor to the door.” 
Frank wonders if Becca could learn to do improv after she compliments his participation in Einstein Simplified. Frank likes doing clean improv shows for kids and families. 
Becca and her husband went to a stand-up comedy show headlined by Caitlin Peluffo at the Square Room. Frank struggles to remember the name of Gary Jackson, who organizes the monthly Hip To Be Square comedy nights. Their website is 
Becca is proud of the way Knoxville Area Transit assisted those affected by the tornado on August 7, 2023. They offered transportation to those who had to vacate their apartments. Frank points out that legitimate charities can usually do more with a monetary donation than with a case of water or other items. 
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The last time Becca visited, her home had no electricity for several hours. She had placed the contents of her refrigerator and freezer into coolers filled with ice. She deep-cleaned the fridge and reloaded it when the power came on, only to have the power go out again. 
Becca recalls attending a 2017 Tennessee Volunteers football game during a strong storm that knocked down part of the scoreboard. It also knocked down a tree at her house and caused a power outage. 
Becca points out that Bradford Pear Trees are structurally weak. Frank says that you used to be able to donate them to the zoo and they would be fed to elephants but Zoo Knoxville has sent all its elephants to a sanctuary. 
Frank spits his peach pits into his yard and has discovered three seedlings that could grow into peach trees. 
Becca wants to go to Andy’s Frozen Custard to try the limited-time Cannoli Thunder Concrete. She and her family had ice cream for dinner while attending the Great Smoky Mountains Hot Air Balloon Festival. Frank is considering going to the Monroe Life Balloon Festival in Vonore over Labor Day weekend. 
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Episode 0109 - “Not a Morning Person”
Frank & Friends Show

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