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Episode 0113 - “You Can Call Me AI“

49 minutes | Thursday, September 14, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Sarah Roberto, who brought her trendy Stanley Quencher tumbler. She says some people hide a can of hard seltzer on ice in the tumbler. 
Sarah enjoys visiting Washington, D.C. She and her husband felt lucky to get tickets to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum because the tickets are often sold out. 
The last time Sarah was here, Frank accidentally deleted the video files on the camera. As Frank got stressed, Sarah urged him to look up how to restore a file deleted from a Micro SD card. He restored the files and posted the show to YouTube but now can’t delete the raw files. 
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Sarah posts about her dog Baby Bear and about her weight loss on TikTok. After her last visit, she started getting ads on TikTok about canned mackerel, which is something Frank talked about in her presence. The app must have been listening to their conversation. 
Frank’s Facebook and Instagram feeds have a lot of ads for prescription drugs even though Frank chooses “do not show this ad.” Sarah credits psychiatric medicine with helping her. 
Sarah warned her husband not to wear just his socks around the house for fear of falling. Frank sometimes worries that he will die at home while his wife is at work. 
Frank’s neighbor across the street asked Frank to keep an eye on his pool. When Frank texted his contact card to the neighbor, the man was surprised to see the photo of “professional Frank” instead of “neighborhood Frank.” 
Sarah used artificial intelligence to create images of herself in different situations. She created a headshot and an image with the U.S. Capitol in the background. 
Sarah likes Frank’s neighborhood because the neighbors know each other. When Frank’s home alarm went off, six different neighbors checked on things to make sure it was just a false alarm. 
Sarah promises to bring iced pumpkin spice coffee the next time she visits. 
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Episode 0113 - “You Can Call Me AI“
Frank & Friends Show

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