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Episode 0118 - Candied Camera

57 minutes | Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Sarah Roberto, who brought an assortment of Halloween candy. Some of the candies are on lists of the best or worst candy. Leave a comment about your favorite and least favorite candies. 
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The receptionist at the building where Frank worked would bring a bowl of candy corn and peanuts to the office every October. Sarah thought she hated candy corn but was surprised that she likes the salty-sweet combination. 
A radio guy named Donnie Andrews posted a list of the “worst” Halloween candies on Facebook. Frank loves most of the candies on Donnie’s list, especially Circus Peanuts and Good & Plenty, both of which Sarah hates. Frank is happy that Sarah brought Marshmallow Peeps Pumpkins, which he suggests roasting over a flame. The box of Dots has three rebus puzzles on the back. 
Someone inquired about hiring Einstein Simplified to create an Addams Family flash mob. Frank realized that the troupe members could play the main characters but that he would have to be Thing.  
Sarah prefers Halloween over Valentine’s Day. Frank explains the Catholic origins of Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Sarah says KitKats are the best Halloween candy. Frank would confuse them with Twix. Frank thinks Reese’s pumpkins are among the best Halloween candies. 
Sarah mentions Reese’s Pieces and impersonates E.T. Frank dislikes the Neil Diamond song about E.T. but has come to like other Neil Diamond songs. Frank shares some Frankenstein trivia. In the book, the monster’s name was Adam. 
Frank got a text on a Tuesday night from a member of Einstein Simplified asking him to bring water. The members of the troupe forgot Frank was on hiatus. He’s planning to return to the improv shows on November 21. 
Sarah jokes that Frank should see how many Marshmallow Peeps Frank can put in his mouth without realizing that he did that bit on the radio several times. Frank tells about inviting the Peeps Fun Bus to make an appearance at an Einstein Simplified show in 2003. 
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Episode 0118 - Candied Camera
Frank & Friends Show

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