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Episode 0127 - Snow Mobile

38 minutes | Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Frank Murphy is on the podcast porch while it is snowing in Knoxville for the first time in 385 days. Frank has always disliked snow but now finds it more bearable because he can work from home instead of driving in it. 
Frank’s big break in radio came when newscaster David Haines asked Frank to read the snow closing announcements on WAVA during the morning show. Frank wonders why most winter songs like “Winter Wonderland” and “A Marshmallow World” get lumped in with Christmas songs and get virtually no airplay after Christmas Day. 
Some of the students from Science Hill High School commented on Frank’s ties during an episode of Tennessee Scholars’ Bowl. Before each episode, Frank takes a “selfie for the wardrobe department.” Frank’s wife Jere is the “wardrobe department.” Tennessee Scholars’ Bowl airs weekdays at 5:30 p.m. on East Tennessee PBS. 
Frank and Jere went to dinner with Jere’s sister and her husband at Ristorante DellaSantina in Sevierville. He saw local actor Mitch Moore at the restaurant and invited him to be on the podcast. Frank enjoyed a s’mores old fashioned before his pasta dinner. 
Frank and Jere traveled to Northern Virginia to see family members. Frank and his sisters visited his daughter Meaghan’s art studio to see some of the paintings and prints she has for sale. See Meaghan’s artwork at 
One of the other artist’s in the same studio complex as Meaghan is a surrealist who includes a lot of skulls in his work. Frank asked if he knew of the Body Farm. The artist said yes and that he would like to walk off into the snow when it’s time for him to die. 
This episode is sponsored by (don’t forget the S). Buy books and other merchandise autographed by Body Farm founder Dr. Bill Bass at including Body Farm t-shirts. Contact BoneZones to hire Frank to give a presentation about Dr. Bass and the Body Farm. 
Frank had the idea to pour bacon grease onto a tree stump in the hope that birds and chipmunks would gnaw on the stump to use it like a suet feeder. Frank has twice forgotten to retrieve the frying pan from the stump. He also buries coffee grounds and eggshells in various spots around the yard. 
When Frank and Jere went to a coffee shop on Sunday, the barista accidentally shut down the register after taking Jere’s order but before taking Frank’s order. The barista was able to make Frank’s latte by the time the register restarted. 
Frank and Jere ordered tuna salad sandwiches at a restaurant known for its bread. Frank was surprised that a full order consisted of two sandwiches. He and Jere both asked for no onions. Jere’s sandwich had onions but no tuna. 
A technician from the HVAC company told Frank to reorder box-style filters. He also told Frank that he recommends box filters for all his elderly customers. Frank resisted the temptation to correct the spelling and grammar on the report from a plumber who fixed a pipe under the sink. 
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Episode 0127 - Snow Mobile
Frank & Friends Show

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