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Episode 0129 - Crystal and Brick

51 minutes | Friday, March 1, 2024

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Kathryn Frady of Marble City Opera. 
In April, Frank and Heather Waliga will co-emcee a fundraiser for InterFaith Health Center and Frank will emcee a fundraiser for Friends of Literacy. Frank asks for the Frank & Friends Show to be listed as an in-kind sponsor of the events. 
Kathryn asked Marble City Opera’s social media coordinator Whitney Wells to create an Instagram post thanking Frank for emceeing the Pop-Up Opera Party. 
Frank was notified that he has to contact his domain registrar to update the name servers on his personal website. The software he used for his website is now outdated. He was able to update his bio on the Frank & Friends Show website and the Fun 105.9 website but not his Frank Murphy website. 
Frank’s wife Jere asked the Amazon Echo a question by saying, “Alexa.” Instead her iPhone responded by saying, “I’m Siri, did you mean to ask me?” 
Jere lost an AirPod. Kathryn’s AirPods went through the washing machine and survived. The “Find my AirPod” feature seems to be inaccurate. 
Kathryn lost her house key while walking the dog at night. She thought she would have to change the locks but was able to find the key the next morning. She might get an AirTag for her keys. 
This episode is sponsored by (don’t forget the S). Buy books and other merchandise autographed by Body Farm founder Dr. Bill Bass at including Body Farm t-shirts. Contact BoneZones to hire Frank to give a presentation about Dr. Bass and the Body Farm. 
Kathryn plays a version of Scrabble on her phone and some memory-improving games on an app called Impulse. Jere and her coworkers play Wordle every day and share their results. 
Frank and Jere both have long streaks of solving the daily New York Times crossword puzzle. They also play Connections on the NYT app. A British game show called Only Connect has a round that is the same as Connections. 
A company in Japan created an AI toy robot and gave it an American-sounding name. The robot is called Frank Murphy, which turned up in Frank’s Google News alert for his name. 
One of Frank’s friends said he shouldn’t use AI to generate a theme song for the show since he has so many friends who are writers and musicians. Frank wonders if one of them could benefit from writing a theme song for free. Kathryn might ask her husband to write one. She also says that her mother refers to Frank as “Uncle Frank.” 
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Episode 0129 - Crystal and Brick
Frank & Friends Show

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