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Episode 0130 - Lent Stakes

51 minutes | Friday, March 8, 2024

Frank Murphy is joined by his friend Becca James, the girl with two first names. 
Becca went on a business trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. She saw several parades and received lots of beads. For Christmas, Becca got a purse that looks like a fanny pack. She wore it on her chest at Mardi Gras to prevent being pickpocketed. 
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Becca asks Frank what he’s doing for Lent. Frank points out that Lent appears to last 46 days but that the six Sundays don’t count. He saved a bundt cake to eat on a Sunday. Frank’s wife Jere hasn’t bought any Girl Scout cookies because of Lent, but they plan to get a Thin Mint concrete at Andy’s Frozen Custard. 
Becca’s father came to visit. She took him to see WDVX’s Blue Plate Special broadcast from Barley’s. She wanted to take him to several of the local microbreweries but he gives up alcohol for Lent every year. He lives on a small ranch outside Austin, Texas. He brought some venison for Becca’s family. 
Frank has ringing in his ears. He discovered that the noise goes away for a day or two when he takes a generic acetaminophen with diphenhydramine capsule. Becca urges him to see a doctor. 
It’s the time of year when several of Frank’s friends send him photos of Marshmallow Peeps displays in stores. Frank appreciates that the Peeps reminded them of him. He generally is not interested in flavored Peeps but would try S’mores Peeps. His daughter recommends Dr Pepper flavored Peeps. 
Frank’s wife sent a bitmoji of herself with a frog on Leap Day but didn’t look closely enough at the image. 
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Episode 0130 - Lent Stakes
Frank & Friends Show

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